What’s your greatest fear?

No matter how strong we pretend to be, we all have some fears in our life. Some people are afraid of heights (acrophobia), others are afraid of insects (entomophobia). Some of us are afraid of Justin Bieber’s fans and some of us are afraid of being the audience in Amir Liaquit’s show (this fear is known as aam-khayega-aam phobia). Some of us have isolophobia &¬†some of us have anthropophobia. Some of the fears are controllable, others are difficult to control. Everything is a ‘fear’ if it makes one feel appalling, footling or weak. Of all the fears that I have, losing people I love has to be my greatest fear. My family, friends, relatives, everyone in my life occupy a special place in my heart. Yes, here I am confessing my biggest fear… that is losing my loved ones.

This fear, at times, doesn’t let me sleep. My little world which is made up of my family and my true friends is beautiful, Masha’Allah. I can’t imagine my world getting damaged. I don’t know if this is my fear or weakness or um, I don’t know.

Fear surrounds us in different forms. We all have different fears but the purpose of all the fears is same: To make us feel appalling, terrible and small.


Having said this all, we don’t need to feed our fears. Even though this is my greatest fear but I believe, that even if people leave; our connection with them doesn’t end.


“If you’re irritated by every rub, how will you become polished?” -Rumi


There is something that eliminates fear and that is hope, it tells us that we can reunite in the next world with those people who left us, and those people who will leave us. A world that will be better than this temporary wicked world.

Being scared all the time gives you nothing but wrinkles..

So, spend time with your family and true friends because it is more important and valuable than your Facebook display, ranting tweet and annoying selfie. Because life is hard (if lived with regrets). So…images