Pakistan’s Morning shows

Morning shows? Welcome to the world of marriages, extreme dementia and how to get rid of the spirits. We all have once or twice, unfortunately, stumbled upon these so-much-informative “morning shows” and to be very honest, I have always changed the channel after a few minutes with an extreme vexation. If you have ever watched these morning shows for more than two hours then I salute your equanimity level. What is the criteria for a morning show female host? Is it somebody who is obsessed with marriages? Is it somebody who laughs like a rhinoceros? Is it somebody who blabbers stuff she can’t decipher herself? Or is the criteria for selecting a female host is somebody who keeps on flaunting designer ware dresses. These morning show’s hosts clearly make this statement invalid that “Everyone was made for some purpose” because, I think, their existence is as useless as Shahrukh Lodhi’s existence. Oh wait; he is also a host, my bad. We are all aware of what happens in morning shows. I thought morning show’s hosts were meant to educate people and between the lines of sanity entertain people too. In the morning, when the housewives find time from their household chores after sending their husbands and children at work and school respectively, what they get to see is marriage of already married people. Same faces, low class humor and flaunting designer made dresses is the motif of these shows. These morning shows perfectly explain that just for the sake of ratings and money how low one can get. Telling people, how to get rid of the spirits and making your show look like a haunted house doesn’t make anyone scared but does make a lot of us to ponder that these morning show’s hosts need to be put in the cages in zoo and those animals should be given their place for they might entertain better than them. I was once watching a morning show in which a disabled girl and poor guy’s marriage was being displayed and they kept on telling that how much money they spent on their marriage and how poor they are. Bragging about a good deed is so cool, right? Telling the whole world that how less privileged they are and then doing their marriage? WOW. Playing Bollywood songs in the background, dancing like gays on these morning marriages is indeed a sad spectacle that one gets to see daily in the morning. Also, they have the same so called high profile guests in their shows that I see have no other job than to come in these morning show and waste the time of people. Sometimes, I think I am watching the same show. I would suggest these morning show’s directors or writers to change their morning show’s name to “MARRIAGE”. I think they are suffering from TOO-MUCH-OBSESSED-WITH-MARRIAGES disorder (I am pretty sure, this is a disorder) Dear ladies who don’t have anything to do than to watch these morning shows, don’t worry if you missed one episode, I am sure it would be the same show with the same theme, and the same old faces.

Now, that I have mentioned so much about these shows, I need to gargle my mouth with sulphuric acid because an extremely nauseating taste is coming in my mouth.



Allama Iqbal, the best poet.


It won’t be a hyperbole or overstatement if I call Allama Iqbal the best poet in this world. I know, everyone has their own opinion and I can’t generalize it but for me he is the best poet. If you have a good taste in poetry then you will agree with me and If you’re a MUSLIM then, I see, no reason, that you can deny the fact that his poetry is just spectacular. His poetry wasn’t just words which were jotted down, his poetry had deep meaning behind it, that many of us cannot decipher.

Iqbal is the best articulated Muslim response to Modernity that the Islamic world has produced in the 20th century. His response has three dimensions:

A creative engagement with the conceptual paradigm of modernism at a sophisticated philosophical level through his prose writings, mainly hisThe Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam which present his…

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