Dare to live

Well, it takes a great deal of audacity to find the true colors of people, find earth in its most devastated form and finding the insensitivity behind sensitivity and still dare to live. It takes a lot of exertion. Trying to live in this world when you are left with nothing but pain and agony, smiling when there is absolutely nothing charming and laughing when your own condition is the most ludicrous one. Life.. It exhausts you. It frightens you. It leaves you.. You run after this life but it runs away from you all your “life”. You step in to this world. What do you want to experience? Peak of happiness. Ecstasy. Right? But you step into a world where humans don’t miss a chance to disparage other people. In a world where being yourself is considered a vice. In a world where nobody cares if you tell the truth. In a world where majority are artificial. So all your efforts go in vain. You just cannot touch the peak of happiness no matter what. The simple fact that you cannot change someone’s life, you cannot bring smile on a despondent heart breaks you both physically and mentally. In the end you realize, life was never meant to be lived, it was meant to die. It was meant to make you sob.. It was meant to bring you down to your knees.. It was just a series of melancholy and happiness where melancholy always dominated. Dare to live?

Can you love life after losing your love?

Can you love life when it doesn’t love you back?

The debt of life can be solely paid by death,

Death frees us by paying our debts.

And all the colors of this world are insipid,

She deciphered this when she was taking her last breath.


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