Allama Iqbal, the best poet.


It won’t be a hyperbole or overstatement if I call Allama Iqbal the best poet in this world. I know, everyone has their own opinion and I can’t generalize it but for me he is the best poet. If you have a good taste in poetry then you will agree with me and If you’re a MUSLIM then, I see, no reason, that you can deny the fact that his poetry is just spectacular. His poetry wasn’t just words which were jotted down, his poetry had deep meaning behind it, that many of us cannot decipher.

Iqbal is the best articulated Muslim response to Modernity that the Islamic world has produced in the 20th century. His response has three dimensions:

A creative engagement with the conceptual paradigm of modernism at a sophisticated philosophical level through his prose writings, mainly hisThe Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam which present his…

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